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PCCOB is raising money for a Mobile Medical Unit!

It is such an exciting time to partner with the PCCOB as they embark on an amazing journey spearheaded by God and we invite you to join us!

Being with a mother when she looks at her baby growing in the womb for the very first time is a precious
opportunity. The nurses at the PCCOB see the bond begin to form from parent to child for both mother
and father at that very moment. They are able to speak life as they point out the tiny baby’s heartbeat on
the screen. They also explain to the new mom and dad that they are with them on their parenthood
journey all the way until their child is 2!

So, what would having a mobile medical unit mean? This is exactly where Joshua 1:3 comes in. The
PCCOB wants to be in every corner of our community supporting as many families as possible. In 2019,
they served 249 individual clients at their Drexel location. With a mobile medical unit, they could serve
an additional 253 clients, doubling their outreach and support!

In 2018, there were 229 abortions reported for those living in Burke County, which is unfathomable. In
that same year, the PCCOB saw 59 babies saved from abortion. We must ask ourselves, how many of the
229 lives lost in our own community could have been saved as well, if these women could have been
reached by a mobile medical unit. This is why NOW is the time to take the leap and trust God!

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